Guild Wars Math

May 25, 2006

Hokay. I’m working on some stuff in Guild Wars. Like unlocking every skill on one character. To do this, let’s take a look at the simple math required.

 I have 136 Elite skills left to capture. Each skill requires a skill point. You can gain skill points several ways. The first is to complete missions in Guild Wars Factions. The second is to gain a level, or, after level 20, gain 15000 experience points.

We’re taking the second path.

So, multiply 136 out by 15000 and you get 2,040,000 experience points. Since each creature killed rewards you with aproximately 24 experience, this works out to be 85,000 enemies.

Now, each time you capture an Elite skill at level 20, you gain 5,000 experience. So, for every three skills captured, you gain one skill point. Multiply out 136 by 5,000 and you get 680,000 experience gained, just by capturing skills. Divide that out by 15,000 and you end up with 45.3 skill points earned just through capturing Elites.

Long story short, it’s gonna take some time…