…But I can Play This Here Guitar

May 30, 2006

So the title has nothing to do with this post at all, aside from the fact that I've got Benson's "Broadway" stuck in my head. Man, that is an awesome song.


I realized today that I've been using games (Guild Wars in particular) as a sort of anti-depressant. Being here, I've got nobody to hang out with aside from family. So I spend my day fixing things around the house, playing guitar, and playing games. At the end of it all, I lie on my bed and think to myself "Man, what a useless day." That or "Crap, the little puppies in better shape than me." Which he is. Little devil runs fast too.
I guess it just makes my return to Jill and friends even more meaningful, however brief.

I don't just sit around a play games every day. Sometimes Deadliest Catch or Mythbusters is on. And some days, I have Scrubs Season 3 on DVD. Love Scrubs. I love a girl in scrubs more though. Especially when the girl is mine.


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