A Flockish Post You Should Read! Syke!

June 5, 2006

I’m currently doing some testing with the new Flock site, and making sure that the Extensions all work the way they should. Let me just say, the new Flock site is GORGEOUS! I can’t show you anything, or tell you anything, but trust me, this is a loverly site. It should be revealed very soon.

I can’t sleep, which is the only reason I’m posting. I’m really tired though. My shoulder is just so sore that it keeps me up. I really should have gotten a massage from Jill before I left.

A post of substance should be coming soon. And yeah, it may have something to do with Flock, but in a way I bet none of you expect (save for the few who know). And I may do some ranting and raving on various stuff. But it will be worth reading. I promise you.

Posting this, and doing some pushups to try and loosen up my shoulder/tire me out. I’ll catch you on the flip side…

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