The Job Market, Lackey's Tale (Post of Some Substance)

June 7, 2006

Well, Bakke has a different version of The job market…

If you could maybe give him so cashmoney, that would be great. Let him fix your computer. Or something. The man needs a job!

On my end, I just started work today. "But where are you working?" you ask. Crazy story…

As you know, either by being in my room over the last semester, or by looking at the majority of my posts lately, I do some work for Flock. It's a tremendous effort, and the browser improves by the day. Soon, the first full public beta, codename Cardinal, will be rolling out.

So, sitting in the Flock chatroom last Tuesday and Lloyd messages me about a contract job. I said "wha?" and after a bit of talking, realized he was being serious. It took me completely by suprise.

I work as an independant contractor, meaning I don't technically work for Flock, they just pay me for my services. And so far my services are the basic things I've been doing, just a step up. Not only that, but I can work at home, saving money on gas and food.

I'm still figuring out what Lloyd's expectations are for me. Today he had me do some things like draft a response to a forum post, and file a bug (properly) for it. I felt kind of pressured doing this, because I know he was evaluating me through this, but I am glad he isn't holding my hand to walk me through all of this. Since I knew he was evaluating me, I took a lot of time doing simple things (like the response) that would typically (when I was comfortable doing it) take no more than 5 minutes.

Later, I got an email from Lloyd saying that it was a "great first day of work." Might not mean much to some people, but it's like when Dr. Cox tells JD in Scrubs "You're doin' good, newbie" and Zach Braff does this little monologue in his head about how that's reassuring, but it means that more is going to be expected from him. Also, I realize I relate way too much to JD in my head. But what can I say, Scrubs is an awesome show. 

Another neat thing I get to work on is the extension area. The new Flock website is amazing, and I have been making sure all of the extensions work like they should, and that there is nothing too objectionable with them (there were a few that were just spam extensions). In no way is this a solo act. There are plenty of others who also do this (Dinesh, Eletido, Will Pate [I'll link up when I find your sites])

My sisters and their friends just went to Steak n Shake without me. Man, I really could use a Steak Burger right now.

A while ago I mentioned a bunch of charities. Go back and check them out if you didn't before. Hopefully, there will be a Habitat build near Naperville soon. There are several local chapters, and the Fox Valley chapter has a Blitz going on right now (which I just found out). I'll try to go down and help later.

My room is infested with bugs today. All sorts of flying bugs have been coming in through my crappy windows (which do not seal in any way). It's getting pretty bad, so I'll be ducttaping the windows shut tonight. It's really bad when they get on my monitor. Smashed bugs do not make good sceren adornments…

Even worse when bugs get inside the monitor…

Going a bit more open with my software. Switched to Open Office and Thunderbird to replace Microsoft Office. I haven't really played much with the two, but they are a good replacement when you screw up your Office install, or when you don't have the money to get Office.

Side note: Office 2007 looks great.

Second side note: Ubuntu 6.06 is freakin' amazing. Automatically sets up my wireless networking, and it recognizes my ATI Radeon card instantly. However, it likes to crash when I change the screensaver, and OpenGL based programs will inevitably cause my system to lock up. Despite this, I still love Dapper Drake. It's ten times the OS Breezy Badger was.

Jill found out the information she needed for Clinicals. Not looking pretty. The waitlist is now three years long. I will be graduated by the time she begins her last portion of school. The entire marriage thing is still an issue, since we would have to figure out when would be the best time to do it. I honestly don't know the answer to this one, so I'm guessing I'm gonna have to officially propose and all and take it from there.

Reccomended Listening of the Day: Mute Math

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