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June 22, 2006

"Hello floor! Make me a sammich!" -Gir from Invader Zim

I did some stuff today that made me pretty happy. I ran for 20 minutes straight (1.75 miles, do the math), which is actually quite a feat for me. Also, I got my laptop to a state where I can work downstairs tomorrow and keep an eye on the USA-Ghana match. For those not in the know, USA must beat Ghana, and Italy must beat the Czechs in order for the US to proceed.

Our church has been going through this 40 Days of Community program, which is actually quite neat. The general idea is that a church shouldn't be recognized by the things they say, but by the things that they do. So it is more of a switch to outreach. It should be interesting.

The last week was all about tithing. Tithing is basically giving the church 10% of what you make. And there are some points that were made that really got me wondering about the practice. The author of the program is Rick Warren, the man who penned The Purpose Driven Life. He notes that the more you give away, the more you get in return. Maybe not financially, but definitely in other way. If you give people encouragement, you will recieve encouragement. If you gossip, you will be gossiped about. It's the golden rule in action, essentially.

Warren also notes that it is the first 10% you should give. It is a test of faith. Not "See how much you have left over at the end of the month and give that" but "Give the firstfruits of your salary and trust that God will provide." Warren notes that over the years he and his wife have been blessed the more they gave. It took time, but now they live on 10% and give 90% to church and charity..

The family that we kept the kids for a few weeks back was displaced by hurricane Katrina. I did not know the entire situation back then, but more details are being exposed to me. I got paid for hanging out with the kids those few days. The money went straight to a book on Linux. A few days ago, the mother gave me and Jennifer some more money. I honestly tried to refuse it, now that I know the full story (or as much as I will know), but in the end had to accept it to keep her pride in tact. But the money, whether she knows it or not, is going back to her. Our church has been supporting them, and I am making sure that this money (and then some) goes through the church back to them.

And things just keep falling in to place. I mentioned a while back that I was trying to work on a Habitat for Humanity build this summer. It turns out that my sunday school teacher is on the board of directors for the DuPage county branch of HfH. I need to get in contact and see where I can volunteer, and how to fit my work schedule around that.

My point is, detatch yourself. It isn't all about you. There are tons of people around the world who would love to be homeless on the streets of America than in the streets of their country. We are rich. Don't believe me? Then check out Global Rich List…

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