Extension Fun

July 27, 2006

Tested and uploaded quite a bit of extensions (tested more than uploaded), and came across this in an extension:

        <!– This baby will never expire –>

There are some problems with this (minVersion is set too high) but I found this entertaining.


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Heads Explode

July 26, 2006

My head has been crazily painful today. So painful I write sentences like the last one, and don’t even care to revise it. What it could be:

  1. Lack of good REM sleep
  2. Change in diet to a fruit/juice centric diet
  3. Sugar high from fruits
  4. Staring at a monitor for hours on end
  5. Chicago’s “air of stupidity” is infiltrating the home (more on that tomorrow)
  6. Weather front is moving in (definitely a factor)
  7. The spider I accidentally swallowed yesterday while cleaning the basement really is poisonous (ah crap…)

And it sucks no matter what is causing it. I couldn’t hardly get any work done today. On the plus side, I did get around to editing a fair amount of extension descriptions that needed a rewrite, and I sent out some decent feedback responses.

I love my job. No, it isn’t the coolest job in the world. But do you get 3 emails a day from people telling you that you solved their problem and that you’re awesome because of it? Ok, so maybe YOU do, but what about your brother? Seriously, talking to people about what they want to see in Flock is neat, and troubleshooting their problems is pretty fun as well. Maybe it’s just me.

Here’s a comicy thing I drew last night when the insomnia kicked in…

I’d play it, would you?

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WTB Max Gold Carburetor

July 24, 2006

I’m in the market for a 1982 Honda Urban Express (Nu50) carb and battery (though I may have the battery covered). If you can find a link to a decent priced seller, let me know.

Basically, the jet got opened too wide by some debris from the gas tank, so the engine floods a bit, and performs really sluggishly. If you close off the gas line after you get running, the gas burns up to the proper ratio, and all of a sudden, BAM, 25mph+. Otherwise, have fun going 7mph.

Bill Hahn got the thing running much better, but he isn’t going to spend any money on the moped (because I told him explicitly not to, because I know he would so he could tinker with it for fun. The man is a genious when it comes to all things automotive). So, I have to drop the dough on some parts.

Got Mario Kart DS. Was completely thrilled when I learned I could play it online through our wireless network. I am not a Kart guru by any means. Of course, my online debut was against, and I kid you not, the top 3 Kart players in the world, as listed on the website. So I got schooled by uber-gamers. Cool.

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Web 3.0

July 21, 2006

I don’t want to be a part of the web 2.0 revolution. Screw 2.0 I want Web 3.0. The internet that is sharable. A social internet. Think Myspace meets (among better design) AIM, meets Skype, meets XBox Live, meets Flickr, meets Youtube, meets Digg, meets Flock.

With a twist.

Lew found this, for lack of a better term, thing, called Browser For Two. I won’t lie, it looks ugly. It’s based on IE, and it isn’t free. However, it has one feature that puts it in it’s own category; it is social browsing embodied.

Think of it this way, say you want to show a buddy some sites you like. How do you do it now? You go to the site, copy the URL, open up an IM conversation with the person, and then paste and send the link.

What would TRUE social browsing be like? How could it be implemented? Imagine this: You are browsing some sites, and you decide that John Q should check out all the tabs you have open. So you go into your browser’s friend list, and you see John Q is online. You set an option, “Share my browsing session with this user” and John Q gets pinged with a notice that you want to surf the web with him. He accepts, and all of your open tabs are opened up on his computer. As you navigate to other pages, it is mirrored on John Q’s machine.

This is a programmers nightmare, I’m sure. NetMeeting meets Flock. Ridiculous security issues to take into account. But it would, quite literally, change the way people use the internet. It would keep folks like me busy filing and testing bugs for hours on end, but you have to admit, it would be revolutionary.

What brings all this up? Gandalf. Not the wizard, but Zbigniew Braniecki, head localization (translation) guru for Flock. In his latest blog post he writes:

So, let me just give you a tips, we’re working on idea of what we call People. We want you to be able to see your friends activity, no matter where. To be able to open a tab and see your friend photo, last blog posts, pictures, IM conversations, emails. Imagine so way more powerful vCard, live updating with recent signals of activity, and last bits of communication with you both. We want to extend our favorites manager, so you can spend less time on managing your data, and be able to find what you need with minimum effort.

stream of thoughts » Next Flock

There will be some massive steps foward with Flock in the coming months, I believe. It’s important not to overhype or overpromise anything at this point. But man, the future is coming, and it looks nifty!

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July 20, 2006

I’m worn out in so many ways. I don’t even know where to begin or where to end, so I guess I won’t start.

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The Best TFNM Song

July 18, 2006

After listening to it, I think that Reality is the best TFNM song. I could go in to the reasons, but I’ll keep it simple. The lyrics are good, and the violin of Meg Bakke makes the song really seem dynamic. And I wrote the song… (kidding, that isn’t the only reason it is good).

Let’s see how you guys like it. You can download Reality here.

ArenaNet announced Guild Wars Nightfall, the third Guild Wars chapter. Two new classes, the Dervish and Paragon, will be playable in an open beta testing event that kicks off Friday, July 28. You don’t even need the game to try out the beta event, just download the client from the site.

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Post on our bands forums a long time ago…


Just dragging up some old stuff. I’m suprised the forums are still up.

Working on a new song, but I think I need to flesh out Mississippi a little bit more. Man, I suck at guitar. I haven’t played in forever, and I have to relearn all the music theory (ya know, scales and stuff) that I used to know. Right now, it’s just basic chords and progressions.

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This is a test

July 17, 2006

Testing 123,

The web browser for you and your friends.

Flock is a free web browser that makes it easier than ever to share photos, stay up-to-date with news from your favorite sites, and search the Web. Take our tour to learn what’s different about Flock, then download the beta to get started – and please tell us what you think.

Flock — The web browser for you and your friends

I should probably remember what my Flock testing blog is, and to configure it…

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Sotp It!

July 17, 2006

I  love Bush’s response to Hezollah.

“See the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s— and it’s over,” Bush told Blair as he chewed on a buttered roll.

BREITBART.COM – Bush Curses Hezbollah During G8 Luncheon

It;s not World War 3 yet, But it sure is a funky situation.

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