Congrats to Italy, I suppose. They won the World Cup. I was pulling for France, because I just plain don’t like the way the Italian players play.

It was a good weekend. I had no clue who half the people at the reunion were (since they are all getting divorced and remarried all the time), but It was still fun. I like my great uncles, cause they are down to earth farmer type folk. Although, some of their hardcoded racist views are disturbing to me.

I’m deciding what I should do with some of my money. I should be getting paid soon, thanks to the fine folks at Flock, and it will be a decent sized check (since it’s a monthly payment setup). Setting aside most of it for later, and most of you know I have a big purchase to make soon, but I think I am going to get a DSLite for some instant gratification. Maybe, maybe not. I really like New SMB and Mario Kart DS (and I hear Warioware Touched is fun as well).

I’m pretty nervous about my big purchase (and I know that Jill will read this when she gets back in two weeks). I don’t know when or where anything is going to happen yet, but I have an awesome plan.

I’ve got quite a bit of Feedback to catch up on tomorrow. Luckily, I start early, so I can work late to make up for last week.

I have pictures I’ll post tomorrow of the wedding, and of my new buddies, Mhenlo, Lil Thom, and Shiro (yes, I named my pet frogs after Guild Wars characters…). On a related note, frog logic is funny. “I can’t see you, therefore you cannot see me.”

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