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July 13, 2006

DS Wifi Hardware Reference

I picked up a Nintendo DSLite today, along with New Super Mario Brothers. I am happy I did. This is going to be my one and only frivolous spending this summer, with the rest going back for college.

So why did I drop nearly 175 bucks on a handheld gaming system? Because I’m a Nintendo fanboy? Yes. Because the DSLite is designed to be sexier than, um, Halle Berry as Storm? Also, yes. But another reason that comes to mind is that I haven’t bought anything for myself (save food and car repair) for several months. It’s all been for Jill (who gets me things in return) or my sisters (who sometimes rent me movies) or for home repair (stupid busted gypsum board).

Initial reaction to the DSLite? I was happy. It’s got stereo sound and graphics on par with an N64. Not to mention it has wireless capabilities. I’m pro-Flock, and it is the only browser I use on my computers, but Opera has been developing a version of their browser for the DS which I hear is amazing. Therefore, Opera is cool in my book.

New Super Mario Brothers is a fun game. Although, I’m tired and kept running in to the same enemy 13 times (yes, literally 13 times), it has the same Mario feel you would expect from a SNES game, but updated with moves and graphics from the N64 and GC.

The mini-games are cool as well. They take advantage of the microphone and touchscreen nicely (one has you blowing in the mic to move Yoshi through the air, very neat). I found myself playing the minigames more than the actual game.

My wish for the DS is that the folks from Opera work in a bit of VOIP support (although, I don’t know the limitations of the microphone. That would push this head over heels over the top. Screw you Sony, you and your racist ads and crappy non-game-centered-overpriced handheld and ridiculously-overpriced-and-overhyped consoles have no place here…

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