A lot of the talking heads have been calling todays events in the middle east the beginning of World War III. This isn’t too far from feasible. Look at the conflicts:

  • Israel is protecting herself from surrounding nations who have vowed to “Wipe the Zionists off the face of the map” by striking key points in Lebanon (power plant, airport)
  • Lebanese are firing missiles in to civilian centers, killing innocents and injuring dozens horrifically
  • North Korea is in a standoff with most of the world, and defiantly promising to continue testing their nuclear missiles
  • Japan, being right next to Korea, says “Not in my Back Yard” and is seriously considering preemptive strikes
  • America vetos a UN resolution that would force Israel to cease fire, but does nothing to the Lebanese
  • The rest of the world says “Israel, why you gotta be like that?.” The rest of the world doesn’t realize that Israel has no friends in the region. In fact, all of the surrounding countries want to demolish Israel, and tries pretty hard to start conflicts
  • The G8 summit begins tomorrow (I believe). Key topics to include Iranian missile capability, N. Korean missile capability, and the Israeli conflict. There will be subs served at 12:30pm local time, and a bunch of world leaders will talk about maybe doing something. And then everybody will go home.

I am all for peace. War is brutal, war is full of tragedy and loss. But sometimes you have to grow a pair and at least THREATEN millitary action as a world alliance if if the country won’t get their act together and behave.

Give it a week. See what happens, and if this truly is the start of World War III. The real question is, who will be on which side? What will the sides even be?

The world just needs a Lucky and a beer to calm everybody down…

Or maybe an emergency World Cup or Olympics?

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