The Best TFNM Song

July 18, 2006

After listening to it, I think that Reality is the best TFNM song. I could go in to the reasons, but I’ll keep it simple. The lyrics are good, and the violin of Meg Bakke makes the song really seem dynamic. And I wrote the song… (kidding, that isn’t the only reason it is good).

Let’s see how you guys like it. You can download Reality here.

ArenaNet announced Guild Wars Nightfall, the third Guild Wars chapter. Two new classes, the Dervish and Paragon, will be playable in an open beta testing event that kicks off Friday, July 28. You don’t even need the game to try out the beta event, just download the client from the site.

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Post on our bands forums a long time ago…

Just dragging up some old stuff. I’m suprised the forums are still up.

Working on a new song, but I think I need to flesh out Mississippi a little bit more. Man, I suck at guitar. I haven’t played in forever, and I have to relearn all the music theory (ya know, scales and stuff) that I used to know. Right now, it’s just basic chords and progressions.

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