WTB Max Gold Carburetor

July 24, 2006

I’m in the market for a 1982 Honda Urban Express (Nu50) carb and battery (though I may have the battery covered). If you can find a link to a decent priced seller, let me know.

Basically, the jet got opened too wide by some debris from the gas tank, so the engine floods a bit, and performs really sluggishly. If you close off the gas line after you get running, the gas burns up to the proper ratio, and all of a sudden, BAM, 25mph+. Otherwise, have fun going 7mph.

Bill Hahn got the thing running much better, but he isn’t going to spend any money on the moped (because I told him explicitly not to, because I know he would so he could tinker with it for fun. The man is a genious when it comes to all things automotive). So, I have to drop the dough on some parts.

Got Mario Kart DS. Was completely thrilled when I learned I could play it online through our wireless network. I am not a Kart guru by any means. Of course, my online debut was against, and I kid you not, the top 3 Kart players in the world, as listed on the website. So I got schooled by uber-gamers. Cool.

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