Heads Explode

July 26, 2006

My head has been crazily painful today. So painful I write sentences like the last one, and don’t even care to revise it. What it could be:

  1. Lack of good REM sleep
  2. Change in diet to a fruit/juice centric diet
  3. Sugar high from fruits
  4. Staring at a monitor for hours on end
  5. Chicago’s “air of stupidity” is infiltrating the home (more on that tomorrow)
  6. Weather front is moving in (definitely a factor)
  7. The spider I accidentally swallowed yesterday while cleaning the basement really is poisonous (ah crap…)

And it sucks no matter what is causing it. I couldn’t hardly get any work done today. On the plus side, I did get around to editing a fair amount of extension descriptions that needed a rewrite, and I sent out some decent feedback responses.

I love my job. No, it isn’t the coolest job in the world. But do you get 3 emails a day from people telling you that you solved their problem and that you’re awesome because of it? Ok, so maybe YOU do, but what about your brother? Seriously, talking to people about what they want to see in Flock is neat, and troubleshooting their problems is pretty fun as well. Maybe it’s just me.

Here’s a comicy thing I drew last night when the insomnia kicked in…

I’d play it, would you?

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