August 12, 2006

Wow. I learned things…

  • Dr. Demento is a devil. So is Art Bell and Stephen King
  • Dr. Demento wrote the Necronomicon
  • Cherios encourage gluttony because they have sugar in them. Apparently, potatoes do not, and therefore we should live on potatoes and boiled cabbage. And nothing else.
  • Women shouldn’t be on airplanes. They should be in the kitchen cooking
  • Episcopalians are evil. They are all going to hell
  • God is punishing America with terrorism because our women are working and have carreers
  • George Bush is a devil. So is everyone in the Democratic party, and everyone in the Republican party. I guess the Green party dudes are cool.
  • To take over as a host of a radio show, all you have to do is call up the station and tell the host that his position is now yours.
  • We shouldn’t allow any food on planes. Ever. It’s sinful.
  • We also shouldn’t ever drink a drop of alcohol.That’s sinful too. Never mind the entire “Jesus turning water in to wine” thing.
  • Some dude in Kansas has a revelation straight from God. God is helping him write a book, called the Second Revelation. God’s book titler guy is on vacation.

That’s why I listen to Coast to Coast AM. The wackos. Listen, I’m a Christian, I believe in a strict set of moral codes that I believe everybody should live by. I don’t subscribe to the entire moral relativism crap that our society has settled down with. But I’m not going to go on National Radio and start calling down hellfire and brimstone on everyone who doesn’t believe what I believe. It may come as a shock, but that isn’t the best approach to discussion.

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