Camera Woes

August 13, 2006

I signed up for a photo submission service where I get paid for each time my photos are downloaded by companies. Problem is, to be accepted in to the program, my images have to be 4mpx or larger, not to mention they have to be reviewed by critics (well, that’s not so much a problem). My camera is only 3mpx. That said, I know I can start getting some extra money with my photography hobby (especially with the beautiful Keeweenaw as a subject) I just need a new camera.

According to Daryl (Flock web guy, mentioned him a few posts back), everybody at Flock got new cameras thanks to the lovely folks at Flickr. 7mpx Canon Powershots too, which are very nice. Sadly, though I’m part of the Flock team, I’m not technically a staff member, and therefore don’t get this benefit. Dang. It’s been happening to us a lot lately. My dad writes for CGW, which is being renamed by ZiffDavis to “Games for Windows” or something dumb like that (why isn’t Computer Gaming World good enough?). In this change, all the writers get a brand new, screaming fast gaming machine (OK, so they are middle upper range machines, but far better than what we have). But, as fate would have it, my dad doesn’t write often enough to be considered a writer, only a contributor. Therefore, no new computer.

So what now? I guess I have to save up for a camera, or wait for someone to gift me with one. If I were to buy one, I’d be going Canon EOS. I already have the lens from an older EOS, so I could save a bit there (assuming compatibility). If the lens isn’t compatible, Nikon D series, all the way. Yes it would be expensive (EOS or Dxx), but it would be a camera I could use for decades (maybe, technology is funky).

Speaking of photos, check out my latest. They are pretty self explanatory. It only took 5 hours to do a 20 minute job.

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