GLF Wisdom

August 15, 2006

My boss is checkin out and moving on up. To Canada. It was news to me, and I honestly didn’t see it coming. Lloyd has been in a key role as far as my involvement with Flock and my transition to a more open source computing lifestyle, so seeing him leave will be pretty, well, strange. It’s all for the best for him and his wife Julia though. They’ll be living in a place they love, and they will be able to develop their careers in new ways.

All of this kind of got me thinking, what will my role at the next company be (along with “Who will I work for next?”)? How many jobs will I jump around before I finally find the one I can work with for more than a few years? Then end result will ultimately be missions (this year is gonna be filled with preparations for the two years after Tech that I will spend in seminary), because working with people is something I love, construction is something I love, and witnessing is something I love. But where will my life take me?

Sometimes though, you just gotta let it ride…

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