Verse Two

September 6, 2006

Second class, same as the first class.

Well, not exactly. Surveying is trig with satellites. Statics is trig with force vectors.

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I got a pair of noise cancelling headphones via via Bakke. They are great! There are quite literally the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn. And they sound superb as well; always a good thing.

What’s a bad thing: Overdrawing two bank accounts. It’s not that I don’t have moeny, it’s that the banks do not recognize that I have indeed deposited cash into their adamantium plated vaults of safety. I deposited my paycheck on Friday, but have had no movement on it yet, but luckily the other transactions havent gone through either. It made paying for books today, well, an adventure. Which card worked? Which one was declined? Oh no!

Very interesting, though, that my card is being declined entirely instead of letting me overdraw even more. Perhaps this has to do with the change of address I went through at the bank, in which case, I can understand (although, they didn’t ask for any recent mail, etc to confirm my address…odd…)

Class? Yeah, it happened. It wasn’t too bad and I felt really good waking up this morning. Of course, I dreamed I could not get to sleep, which led to a restless night, the ultimate result being that I honestly do not know how much sleep I got. Only class today was Surveying lab, which is, for all intents and purposes right now, trig with satellites. Tomorrow is my first “full day,” be it a far cry from my hellish Mondays. Thursday is Surveying lab and IME meeting, and I’m done at 1pm, and Friday is K-Day, so it’s a half day, meaning I only have one class to attend that morning. Way to kick off the school year, eh? Give us so much free time our first full week kills us. Did I mention I’m maxed on credits this semester? Good times…

Only other news is that I’m back up and running with a dual screen setup for my tower. That means I have two monitors, which makes work so much more efficient, not to mention I have 3200×2400 resolution

Bed time was an hour ago. It’s gonna be a long night…

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