May the Triforce be with you!

November 19, 2006

If I were at school right now, I’d totally do this to the MEEM or Wads.

It’s Time!

November 17, 2006

Insert geeky formula or code or something about love here. I get to see my lovely!

The Stages of Heartsick

November 16, 2006

Summer: Not too bad, acceptance of the fact that I will see Jill for a total of two weeks out of the summer kicks in early. It sucks, but I get over it

Week before heading to school: Awesome, I get to be with Jill. RING! Woah, we’re freakin engaged! Sweet! I’m happy and content.

First week of school: Getting back with college buddies, so I’m happy

Second week: OK, college friends are here, Jill is not. Slip in to ridiculous heartsickness. Completely unproductive for the entire week.

Fourth week: Parties and stuff begin, since people are in to a routine. Hooray. Happy Lackey returns

Seventh week: Ah crap, midterms really know how to get to the back of your mind, making you doubt yourself. Get really stressed, completely frustrated with everyone. Need comfort from Jill, but she’s not around, which stresses me out more. Crap

Eighth week: Midterms are ov…nope. More tests thrown my way. More projects incoming. Crap.

Ninth week: Can I relax now? Cool? OK, I’m just gonna chill out for the next week, if that’s alright. What? More exams? Fool of a Took! Don’t they ever end?

Tenth week (current week): Going home on Friday. Home is where the heart is, and Jill is in Midland. Nothing else matters. Homework? Nope. Exams? Not gonna study for them (and probably ended up with a B on them).

Thanksgiving Break: Spend with Jill and family. Prepare for the stress that’s about to come my way

Eleventh through fourteenth week: Work. Work some more. Work on exams, homework, studying, Flock, projects, exams, homework, exams, projects, and exams. Driven to insanity from constant stress.

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November 8, 2006

Screw this, I’m finding the Nuge and convincing him to set up shop as the governor.


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Out of the Loop

November 7, 2006

Ok, so maybe you don’t follow all of the going-ons of Flock, but I think it’s rather neat. A while back, Bart Decrem left Flock, leaving them without a CEO. Today, Flock announced that Shawn Hardin will be taking over as the new CEO. He’s got a good list of projects he’s been on, and I think it was a wonderful choice.

Quick list of what’s going on that’s got me stressed/irked/confused/bogged down/tied up:

  • School work. Two huge exams on Wednesday. One is a must pass case. Kinda like a wild card game. I win, I’m in for the money, but if I lose, I’m up the creek without a paddle. And there are mosquitos everywhere. And by mosquitos I mean crocodiles. And I have a freshly killed elk in my canoe. And the canoe has holes in it.
  • Personal issues. Jill stuff. Stuff that I just want to have figured out in my head.
  • Extrapersonal issues. Alexa’s mother is (last I knew) in the hospital with some pretty serious illness (final diagnosis unknown to me). I don’t like that at all. Mrs. Schubert is awesome, as is Alexa. But Alexa is way over in Scotland where she can’t be with her mom. It’s really sad to me. Please pray for both of them.
  • Extrapersonal issues, part II. My surveying professors wife has a retinal tear, which is pretty ruthless sounding. As a result they are heading to Green Bay tonight to meet with a specialist to see what needs to be done. Please pray for them.
  • Honey. Yup, my faithful pup of 15 years went under the knife today to remove some tumors. She’s old and weak, and most likely in a lot of pain. She’s a beautiful golden retriever and I really miss her.
  • Projects. Got one for marketing. Have to write a 4 page initial report on a new product, which will later be expanded to a 10-12 page report. We havent even picked a product. Well, we kinda have.

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