Winding Down

December 16, 2006

I have to get some things done. Car still isn’t completely fixed, and the lights aren’t mounted yet. I have 2 days open that I could try to get that done; Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I take my last finals for the semester and hit the road at about 3pm. Meaning I’ll get home late.

I’m really trying to get some time available to do some Flock work, but I simply don’t ever have the time. It’s been spent on studying lately. I feel really bad about it, since the work is all support work. Bad support looks bad for the company. Therefore, I am making Flock look bad on that end. That’s not good. The folks at Flock work hard to bring you an awesome browser, and they deserve to look as good as they deserve. I have to work something out where I can get more than 30 minutes to reply to feedback per week. I can’t wait for break, I suppose.

On the agenda for break:

  • Relax. Unravel my brain a bit
  • Hang out with family. I get to see them so very rarely, and I love hanging out with them.
  • Work. Flock work. I have to catch up on requests. My goal is to clear the queue by the end of break.
  • Gaming. Goal here is to beat Guild Wars: Nightfall
  • Hobbies. I really want to get my hands on some woodworking projects. Maybe make a nice table, or even a pipe.
  • Chess. I like chess. I also suck at chess.

Coming on down the line: Lackey Inaction Figures!


2 Responses to “Winding Down”

  1. Lloyd Budd Says:

    Did you reach your goals?

  2. Daniel Lackey Says:

    I did not clear out the queue, but I did get a fair amount of other things done. I’d say it was successful.

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