What’s Going on in Jill’s Life

January 8, 2007


So I, Jill, figured out how to get on here.  Apparently i know Daniel’s secret password and username.  I figure it’s time to post about what’s been happening with me and really xanga isn’t as fun as hijacking someone else’s blog and posting things about you on it.  = )

I started nursing school at Delta college and today was my very first day.  At orientation we learned alot about what would be happening and what to expect.  It’s a bit overwhelming but really it’s not too bad.  My instructors are very kind and are willing to help us in any way they can.  I actually feel pretty comfortable right now.  There’s a lot of reading involved, and I mean a lot.  but that’s part of learning.  What’s neat is that some of the stuff we will be learning and doing in the simulated lab is stuff i learned as a certified nursing assistant.  That’s pretty comforting.

My schedule looks like this:

Monday: Unit Test Day/Meds Pub Due 9-10 am (really we have more time to take the exam if we need it, which is very nice)

Tuesday: Lecture 8-11 am

Wednesday: Lecture 8-11 am/Sim. Lab 2-6 pm

Thursday: Sim. Lab 9-2 pm

Every week we have vocabulary quizes as well.

The rest of the time I’ve got to study by reviewing lecture notes, reading chapters, studying vocab words, etc.  The class time doesn’t seem like much but it’s quite the load.  Pretty soon i’ll learn to create care plans, diagnose patients (nursing diagnosis, different from doctor’s diagnosis), and stick needles in peoples arms and other more uncomfortable areas.  I”m excited to learn a lot, but i’m scared a bit. But who wouldn’t be.  It’s a new experience, and study habits will have to be a bit different.


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