On second thought…

January 24, 2007

I realized moving to an all liquid diet suddenly would wreck intestines and result in less than fun breaks between classes. So I am weaning myself on to the diet. Only had one meal today, and tomorrow I’m shooting for just juice and maybe a cucumber and a piece or two of wheat bread. Thursday is my first all liquid day, and Friday and Saturday I hope to keep that up. Sunday will (depending on how I feel) be the day I break fast and have a nice dinner. Then I think I might try it for a week and call it good for the year, fasting-wise. Well, at least the semester.

It’s about willpower. I have to build it somehow.


One Response to “On second thought…”

  1. Lloyd Budd Says:

    My brother seems to fast or cleanse from time to time.

    Have you heard of the “Shangra-Li Diet”? I have heard some interesting things about it… don’t know anyone first hand that has done it.

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