This week in Lackey

February 5, 2007


  • Monday: Class from 8am-2pm, IME manager meeting 3-4pm, broomball game at 4:45pm, Quiznos dinner and HW after
  • Tuesday: Class from 8-11am, work after
  • Wednesday morning: class

Wednesday afternoon and night will be awesome. I’ll be working on a statue in the afternoon, then heading back to the apartment for chili, fries, and a massive game of Risk. Afterwards, we’ll head out to campus to check out the statues, have some deep fried twinkies, Snickers, and whatever else they decide to throw in the batter. Winter Carnival is awesome.

  • Thursday: hang out with folks, no class, work a bit, more Risk and chili
  • Friday: more Risk and chili
  • Saturday: Risk and chili
  • Sunday: Finish a paper and reading for class

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