Getting Through

February 12, 2007

First ridiculous week starts now. Got an Econ exam at 10am today, followed by a bunch of other stuff. Tomorrow, I conquer the zoning laws as they pertain to the mathematics of surveying (funnily enough, this is my Wastewater/Water Tech class) and hand that in for a grade, as well as a loverly 8am exam, sure to cheer away the winter woes. Wednesday I get to take my Make-Or-Break exam for Structures (basically, if I pass, or feel good about it at least, I will have a good semester). And finally , Thursday I have a ridonculous 10-pager about the financial society of Nintendo due. Friday, well, who knows what will be due then.

Thank goodness for the weekend.

More like, thank goodness for Daytona! NASCAR kicks off this weekend, and it sounds like that will be my motivation to get crap done.

Made it through Carnival (aka EverybodygettheirlovedonesupherewhileLackeysitsonhiscomputerwaitingforJillsbuddyicontochangefromawaystatus week) without wanting to grievously injure anyone (although, watching the Wings get blanked by the Blues [first goalless game in 176 games for them] I really wanted to deck Lidstrom). Made chili, played risk, won two broomball games, and watched a ton of hockey. And also started drawing up my Valentines gift for Jill. I’ll actually get some plans drafted electronically and post them. Should be fun.

Keep your stick on the ice, eh.

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