Comings and Goings

February 13, 2007

I’m still trying to figure out who is where and doing what now at Flock. There’s been quite a shift in folks, and it wasn’t completely obvious who was going where.

Who’s going:

Ian Loic left Flock to work on Songbird, which is immensely cool. Take Firefox and a music player, throw them in a Blendtec blender, and season with a few tasty features, and you’ve got Songbird. It’s quickly becoming my number one new application. The cool part  is that he gets to continue working with the same code. Open source projects are awesome, eh?

Will Pate is kinda leaving, taking a part time position for the time being. Community Ambassador extrordinaire, and quite the guest host for a rockin podcast. If you ever find yourself bored, just start to browse his Flickr photostream and take in the wonderful shots.

We’ve picked up quite a few folks on the other hand, and all are truly talented.

First off, Flocker and Rocker Evan Hamilton joins the ranks. Check for him on the blog, or at one of many conferences and demonstrations.

Then there’s Flock North, which is a bunch Flockstars chillin in the great white north (aka Victoria, BC) workin on the browser by now you surely know and love ;-).

I’m pretty proud to work with these fine folks, I just wish my schedule was nicer so I could collaborate more. Starting Thursday, I will be rearranging my schedule so this works.

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