Blazin Peppercorn Sauce

March 1, 2007

I give you my creation. Blazin Awesome Peppercorn Sauce. Requires a pepper grinder and a power drill…

  • Boil up 3 cups of beef broth with some onions in it.
  • Roast some garlic in olive oil and pepper
  • While all that is going on, melt half a stick of butter in a deep pan
  • Mash up the garlic, and mix it in with the butter
  • Pour in the beef broth with the garlic/oil/butter mixture
  • Stir it
  • Pour in some flour
  • Stir it
  • Keep stirring kid
  • The sauce should be thickening up. Good…
  • I said keep stirring, dude
  • Pour in a little milk. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Eh, it works. Trust me
  • Ok, grab your power drill. Got it? Awesome. Grab your pepper grinder. Fill it up with your favorite peppercorn. I used just plain black peppercorn, but if you prefer green or white or whatever, use it.
  • Attach your drill to the pepper grinder. This should be pretty straightforward
  • OK, now grasp the grinder tightly and grip the drill. Let er rip!
  • You need a fair amount of pepper. Keep at it. I used almost an entire grinder full for my batch.
  • Alright, cool. You now learned how to power-grind.
  • Stir in some herbs. I like some fresh basil and oregano. Your tastes may vary
  • Stir in some sugar and salt to taste.
  • Can it! Throw the sauce in some container for future use, or put into a sauce bottle. Alternatively, use this as a gravy. It’s essentially the same thing, just different. Sorta.

Try the sauce on chicken wraps or steaks. Maybe even on a roast sandwich.

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