A Flag is Just a Flag

March 25, 2007

A flag is just a flag.

At the Bristol race today, there was a skydiver who had a flag trailing him as he soared through the sky. The first response from ROTC/Boy Scouters was “Oh no! The flags gonna hit the ground! So disrespectful!”.

Bull crap.

A flag is just a flag.

Sure, it’s a symbol of our nation. Yeah, you should treat it with respect in that regard.

A flag is just a flag.

By displaying the flag in this manner, it probably was more patriotic than just the normal flag on a pole. Who cares if it touches the ground? It’s fabric with a pattern, representing our country.

I rejected the Air Force to go in to missions. My goal is to help people, show them God’s love. As a missionary, my goal is not to raise symbols of my faith, but to demonstrate it in tangible ways. A missionary is not effective if he simply procures a wooden cross. If a cross has to be destroyed, so be it. It is a symbol. Yes, it should be respected. But it is a symbol.

In the same way, wouldn’t it be better to demonstrate what our country stands for (freedom) by skydiving with our nation’s colors than to just raise it up on a steel pole? The symbol may hit the ground, but it is much more effective a symbol.

A flag is just a flag.


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