Set to Record

April 29, 2007

With my laptop running Ubuntu now, I should have a mobile lo-fi recording studio setup up and running here shortly so I can get some of these riffs out of my head and into your headphones. I’d love to have Bakke’s E-Mu setup, but I’m sure he will get mucho use of it over the summer.

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April to November

April 28, 2007

I am remembering a lot about my childhood in Texas, especially my sports life. I was a member of the Hornets soccer team, and we truly rocked. We had tons of practice and were extremely competitive in the local league. We even made it to the state finals, which was amazing. I played defense, and had the nickname “Shredder” because I shredded the other teams forwards to tiny bits. I can only remember a few of the other teammates nicknames. Rian was known as simply “Boot” because of his ability to blast the ball way up from the backfield. Brandon was known as “The Moose” because, well, I’m not sure. But he definitely scored almost all of our goals. There was also Tony, who was pure Italian stallion, and the coach’s son, and Eric, who was a really tiny dude who was as fast as he was short.

We played soccer, and we played soccer some more. When we were done with that, we played soccer. Year to year, our team remained the same, and we got progressively better. A year before I left Texas for Michigan, the team changed names, going from Hornets to Quicksilver. We were the same team, but for some reason, just a simple name change shifted our mindset, and we didn’t do as well as we had before.

I also played baseball. Kinda. By played, I guess one could infer that I was a part of a team, which I was. You could also assume that I contributed to the team, which I barely did.

I was a Bruise Brother.

My goal at bat was to get in the way of the ball and get on base by getting hit by the pitch. So I did. There were three Bruise Brothers. One was a tubby kid who was a BB because he couldn’t hit, and the other was kinda a crybaby type who somehow looked up to me. Throughout my baseball career I had only two hits (not including T-Ball). I played outfield, catcher and second base/shortstop. I loved second base. I was a vacuum. I sucked up ground balls. Line drives escaped me. Ground balls didn’t.

At least, that’s how I remember it.

That team also was the first time I met anyone with divorced parents. His name was Simm and he was kinda an oddball. He was the James Dean kinda kid that you know throughout grade school.

Anyways, it turns out that I am reminded of all of this because Solo got a Wii. Which meant Wii Sports Baseball.

Funny how that works…

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Eye Drops…Not Working

April 27, 2007


It is a quarter past five in the A to the M and I can’t sleep. These eye drops seem to have a 50% chance of irritating my eye to the point I can’t focus (right now I am typing by touch, something I am getting more skilled at). However, the other half of the time, the drops soothe my eye instantly. And they do work, they just might take a while.

Starcraft 2 will be announced soon…uh oh!

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I got all Alton Brown up in the hizouse on my cooking blog, and I definitely learned a lot in doing so. Maybe you should too!

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Anxiously Awaiting

April 25, 2007

On the heels of the latest stable release of the trendy Linux distribution, Ubuntu, is UbuntuStudio. I am totally ready for this to come out, as it is exactly what I am personally looking for in a distro.

And boy howdy, it is pretty.

OK, looks aside, US looks solid as a creative platform for aspiring artists and folks who want to give Linux a try. I’m all partitioned up, waiting for everything to be fleshed out and released!

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Reading the side of the eye drops I took a while ago only to learn that “symptoms may temporarily become more severe”

As a result, I am still up.


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My Eye

April 25, 2007

It’s a mild case of bacterial conjunctivitis (layman’s: pinkeye) that’s setting me back for the time being. I have no clue how I caught it, but I’m not appreciative of whatever it was. My right eye has nto been able to focus in on anything with contacts in due to the swelling of the eyelid (just a little bit of swelling, even imperceptible at that).

Yes it’s gross. I’m kinda proud, I’ve never actually met anyone with pinkeye before.

Other news, I’m almost done with classes. I will have to retake probably two classes sadly. I broke down early in the semester (as well as in the middle of the semester) and it cost me a lot of catch up work that was for naught.

Other other news, going to Nasty and Jodi’s tomorrow to help clean out the attic for first dibs at old furniture (which will require some TLC). As I do that, I also need to start working on getting packed up for the move in to our new house next week.

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Todo: April 21-May 2

April 21, 2007

  • 21: Go into campus, do Wastewater homework
  • 21: Stay on campus, finish IME documentation
  • 21: Go to the church down the road, salvage through their Earth Day pile of computers
  • 21: Red Wings play at 3pm in high def. Noise rock on!
  • 22: Structures, structures, structures
  • 22: Work on Organizational Behavior final presentation
  • 22: Red Wings play at 9pm, not in HD
  • 23: Classes and Structures project
  • 24: Classes and Structures project
  • 24: Hopefully it doesn’t come down to a game 7, but should the Wings get forced into a full series, they would play tonight.
  • 25: Classes and Structures project
  • 26: Classes and Structures project. Also, Scrubs is on
  • 27: Classes and Structures project. Hopefully done with Structures by end of the night.
  • 28: Kick back and relax?! Hopefully finally done with everything but studying, so it is possible.
  • 29: Packing. Gotta get ready to move. Also, there’s those pesky exams I have to study for…
  • 30: 8am – Wastewater final
  • 30: 10am – Economics final
  • 1: More packing. Our cable is cut off, so no internet from here til we get moved in
  • 2: 7:45pm – Accounting final
  • 2: 10pm – I’m done with a hellish semester. It’s barbecue time!

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You get Relient K’s new album, Five Score and Seven Years Ago. Quite awesome, and nothing like their earliest stuff. The song remains the same though, with the same message. After all, that’s the important part.

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Holy Dehydration!

April 21, 2007

In talking to Alexa it seems that the secret is to drink a humongous amount of water. Who would have thought that your cells need water?!

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