Since I’m Up

April 5, 2007

We got over a foot of snow in the past 48 hours. It is currently 12 degrees, with a wind of about 15-20mph. Yesterday there were times when the wind picked up past 60mph neer the MEEM building, easily knocking folks over or pushing them 10s of feet to the side.

I’m sure my failmy is gonna love this weather when they get up here tomorrow.

Bad side: 20-40 page paper is due on Tuesday. I have 1 page out of that done. Durr. Also, design project for Structures is due soon as well.

On the plus side, new Scrubs is on tonight, Red Wings play the Blackhawks tonight as well, my folks are coming up tomorrow, my 21st birthday is on Saturday, and the Wings play their final game on Saturday as well. And it’s Easter weekend. And we got the RAT to wirelessly transmit, along with proving our epoxy encasing is a feasible idea. So close to finishing that up for testing.

Also, there is a new Flock support intern I am anxious to meet. There are quite a few new folks popping up at Flock HQ it seems, and there haven’t been any introductions yet. If you get a chance and feel adventurous, give the latest hourly builds from Flock a try. I am extremely impressed with the progress, and hope you will be too.

On a last note, my former boss/all around cool web geek Will Pate is now in Africa for an interesting experiment in social networking. I honestly don’t know how this is going to be effective, but I pray it will be. It is a wonderful idea, and I wish him full success.

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