April 6, 2007

Dudes and ladies,

It’s time for me to get my drink on!

That is all.

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April 6, 2007

Screw you, rest of the world, American Football is pretty rocking!

I like soccer and all, but for goodness sakes, CALL THE DIVES! It makes the entire sport so ugly and pansy-ish. I haven’t watched a single game this year where there haven’t been blatant dives. Joga bonito? No.

Soccer is a huge part of my background; I’ve played it my entire life from both a competitive level and a rec-league level to pick up. Playing today, I realized that my main problem right now isn’t strategy, because I feel I have that down, but rather accuracy in shots and clears. Passes I am pretty solid on. (All in my own opinion, could be different, ask Bakke).

I kicked a dude in the face today. He’s actually kinda one of my friends. On the plus side, I kicked the ball first. Lew believes I would have broken a bone or two had the ball not been there, and I don’t doubt that the nose would’ve been in a significantly position. Sorry Thon.

Goes Around? Yeah, Comes Around is on the line for you!

The other team didn’t show for our match tonight, so we scrimmaged ourselves. Our ridiculously awesome goalie, Brad, came out on an offensive breakaway (he was just messing around, but I wouldn’t put it by him to do this in a real match) and I cut him off booting the ball out of bounds. To avoid collision with me, or maybe just to intimidate me, Brad jumped. Up met down, and his full weight came down, his shoe digging in to my left calf muscle (the one really defined muscle on my body).

And that’s how I was introduced to Icy Hot.

*It doesn’t actually hurt at all, I’m just being preventative.

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