April 9, 2007

Reasons you might not see me happy this week:

  1. Term paper due for Organizational Behavior on Thursday
  2. Group Project for Organizational Behavior on Tuesday
  3. Getting an exam back in Structures tomorrow. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a 30%, and judging from conversation with about half the class members, I may be right about average with that score.
  4. Gotta work on a Structures design project. I am not really sure where to start. I need some help on it to get me going.
  5. Car. It’s making noises again. Not Nazgul noises again, but pretty disgusting nonetheless.
  6. Weather is gonna be bleakish this week, and there’s still snow on the ground. Hopefully that will be melted by the weekend, because I really want to go play football Saturday

Reasons I might be happy this week:

  1. Nate got his bartenders license! His first shift as a bartender is Wednesday or Thursday, and I’m 21 as of a few days ago! Everything works out perfectly. He owes me a few drinks, methinks. Or at least paying off the parking tickets he got while driving my car…
  2. Hockey baby! Red Wings versus Flames starting Thursday or Friday, and I can’t think of a better first round matchup at all.
  3. Forward thinking. So what if I get ac-pro one semester, this summer, I am going to ROCK those classes in to submission. 4.0 average semester? Here’s hoping.
  4. We may get started packing to move to our new house. Maybe. Gotta make some calls.
  5. Rockin AWESOME Futurelackey! Enough said!
  6. Fruit. I have a little bit of money left, so I’m going to spend it on fruit. Also, Nate has a bunch of fruit cocktail in cans that they don’t really want. Might pick those up.
  7. Spring! It’s coming (again) and once it’s here that means one thing: FISHING! Looking for a few good spots for both baitcasting and flyfishing.
  8. Cake. There’s one more piece left, and I think I may just eat it for lunch.
  9. Pokemon. Seriously, it’s just a throwback to the better (best?) part of middle school. Bakke and I totally owned the originals. We were masters of the digital monster collecting domain!
  10. The Wii Hunt. Is totally on. I won’t be sad if we can’t find one (I don’t have money to buy one) but it would be awesome if we could get our hands on one for the summer.
  11. Sam Adams. Cherry Wheat. It’s like cherry soda meets beer. And it’s surprisingly good.

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