The Coop

April 12, 2007

So, Flock and the Coop actually Cooperate (har har). I’m not entirely sure how functional the extension (as it currently exists now) is in Firefox, but it is pretty nice looking in Flock.

Folks are calling the Coop the “Flock killer.” I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, if it turns out to be true in the end. There is obviously mucho inspiration coming from Flock in terms of where Firefox seems to be going (Places, Coop), and it’s a great tribute.
However, reading the major tech blogs about the release of Coop 0.1, there were giant red flashing lights and annoying alarms going off in my head. Flock is vaporware? Really?! There are tons of developments going on in the hourly builds, and Flock is miles ahead of the Coop already.

What is causing people (including former Flock advocates) to lose faith in Flock as a product?


Take a look at the main blog. There hasn’t been any development news in some time. There are definitely plenty of community posts, but to the average person who relies on the blog for news on what is coming: nothing.

There is progress being done to be more open, such as Planet Flock, but there needs to be more. A weekly update explaining a new feature, or an upgraded one, would suffice for most folks I think.

I have faith in Flock; I just think that there needs to be some shake-up goin on.

See, the key to open source is OPEN.

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