Attention Movie Producers

April 16, 2007

Just because a Myspace page is free does not mean you should use it as your primary website in your marketing campaign.

Same goes to musicians.

And to Chiles (the restaurant), this applies doubly to you. There is no reason you should have a Myspace page.

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After following the Turbotax support recommendation to contact the IRS, I learned that their automated system is no better. Just trying to get an answer and I get disconnected due to volume. Not kicked back to an earlier menu, or given an opportunity to talk to a human, but completely disconnected. The message saying I was being disconnected didn’t even fully finish before I got dropped.

To quote Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

I am with Lloyd on this one, Turbotax and Intuit have lost my business.

It should really be simple: When I say I want to efile all three of my 2006 returns and pay the government via direct debit, and I proceed with the filing process, I should not be surprised to find that my Michigan return requires me to mail the state of Michigan a check. That doesn’t seem very “direct debit” to me.

Further, when I inquire about a simple question (if the returns aren’t approved by the debit date, if that is a problem), it shouldn’t require too much investigation.

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
You have been connected to 01_Manolito .
01_Manolito : Thank you for contacting TurboTax Support. This is Lito and how may I help you today?
Daniel Lackey: Hey there. I had specified the 13th as the date for my account to be debited (via direct debit), but there were errors on the return that didnt allow the returns to be approved until the 14th. So far there have been no debits at all to my account. Is this normal? Will I be debited in time?
01_Manolito : Before we proceed here is your reference number, it is 71798470 in case our chat session get disconnected. But don’t worry I will do my best to help you in your concern
01_Manolito : Let me make sure I understand your concern. Youwant to know why your acount is not yet charge, Is that correct?
Daniel Lackey: Correct.
01_Manolito : May I know if you are using Freedom Edition?
Daniel Lackey: I am
01_Manolito : Thank you.
Daniel Lackey: The charge for state tax prep for Illinois actually went through, it’s the money that I owe federal and state governments that has not.
01_Manolito : Can you please allow me to be idle for two to three minutes to search on your concern, will that be okay
Daniel Lackey: Alright
01_Manolito : Thank you.
01_Manolito : Thank you for waiting.
01_Manolito : If you designate a weekend or bank holiday as the Direct Debit date, the bank might delay the transaction until the following business day.
Daniel Lackey: I understand that, but if I specified the date as a date before the returns were approved, will the transaction still go through?
01_Manolito : Yes. But you have to check the status of your return after transmitting it with in 24-48 hours.
Daniel Lackey: I did. All of them say the return has been accepted
01_Manolito : I do suggest that you call the IRS for your concern, we don’t know why because the IRS doesn’t give us that information.

OK, not really sure where that got me. It was kinda reassuring? Maybe?

Turbotax made me wish I worked under the table again…