MASSIVE Failure of TurboTax Servers

April 18, 2007

MASSIVE Failure of TurboTax Servers

The hits just keep coming. Basically, the servers crashed because everybody and their brother filed last minute, which is to be expected. Nobody could e-file at all.

From their own forums:

Please do me a favor and please pass on this feedback to someone higher up in your company if possible….
Your spokesperson, Harry Pforzheimer, should be fired.   There is an associated press article about these issues and instead of offering any kind of public apology, this buffoon has the audicity to insult Turbo Tax customers by saying “Don’t wait until the last minute is the moral of the story”…   Nice, don’t take any of the responsbility, but blame your customers for you inadequate systems.   
How about Intuit does a better job of preparing itself and its technology for the volume they know they are going to receive?   This isn’t anything new… People have always filed last minute and, guess what?, they will file last minute next year too.    Intuit needs to do a MUCH better job of being prepared…  AND THAT’S THE MORAL OF THE STORY!,2933,266662,00.html
What an embarassment to have this guy as your company’s spokesperson…  your entire organization should be completely embarassed by his remarks and lack of apology.”

On the plus side, my payments did go through, so I guess I am set now in terms of taxes.


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