Todo: April 21-May 2

April 21, 2007

  • 21: Go into campus, do Wastewater homework
  • 21: Stay on campus, finish IME documentation
  • 21: Go to the church down the road, salvage through their Earth Day pile of computers
  • 21: Red Wings play at 3pm in high def. Noise rock on!
  • 22: Structures, structures, structures
  • 22: Work on Organizational Behavior final presentation
  • 22: Red Wings play at 9pm, not in HD
  • 23: Classes and Structures project
  • 24: Classes and Structures project
  • 24: Hopefully it doesn’t come down to a game 7, but should the Wings get forced into a full series, they would play tonight.
  • 25: Classes and Structures project
  • 26: Classes and Structures project. Also, Scrubs is on
  • 27: Classes and Structures project. Hopefully done with Structures by end of the night.
  • 28: Kick back and relax?! Hopefully finally done with everything but studying, so it is possible.
  • 29: Packing. Gotta get ready to move. Also, there’s those pesky exams I have to study for…
  • 30: 8am – Wastewater final
  • 30: 10am – Economics final
  • 1: More packing. Our cable is cut off, so no internet from here til we get moved in
  • 2: 7:45pm – Accounting final
  • 2: 10pm – I’m done with a hellish semester. It’s barbecue time!

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