I got all Alton Brown up in the hizouse on my cooking blog, and I definitely learned a lot in doing so. Maybe you should too!

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Anxiously Awaiting

April 25, 2007

On the heels of the latest stable release of the trendy Linux distribution, Ubuntu, is UbuntuStudio. I am totally ready for this to come out, as it is exactly what I am personally looking for in a distro.

And boy howdy, it is pretty.

OK, looks aside, US looks solid as a creative platform for aspiring artists and folks who want to give Linux a try. I’m all partitioned up, waiting for everything to be fleshed out and released!

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Reading the side of the eye drops I took a while ago only to learn that “symptoms may temporarily become more severe”

As a result, I am still up.


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My Eye

April 25, 2007

It’s a mild case of bacterial conjunctivitis (layman’s: pinkeye) that’s setting me back for the time being. I have no clue how I caught it, but I’m not appreciative of whatever it was. My right eye has nto been able to focus in on anything with contacts in due to the swelling of the eyelid (just a little bit of swelling, even imperceptible at that).

Yes it’s gross. I’m kinda proud, I’ve never actually met anyone with pinkeye before.

Other news, I’m almost done with classes. I will have to retake probably two classes sadly. I broke down early in the semester (as well as in the middle of the semester) and it cost me a lot of catch up work that was for naught.

Other other news, going to Nasty and Jodi’s tomorrow to help clean out the attic for first dibs at old furniture (which will require some TLC). As I do that, I also need to start working on getting packed up for the move in to our new house next week.

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