New Toys

May 5, 2007

My two new toys:

  • Ubuntu on my laptop. If you haven’t heard of Ubuntu, you probably don’t listen to tech news at all. Ubuntu is a distribution (essentially, version) of Linux that is easy to set up and really intuitive to use. That and with Beryl installed, my computer looks insanely sweet. I’ll link a video later, or you could just search for it on Youtube
  • A Wii! Hooray for Shopko, and even more hooray for Walmart. See, everybody here just goes to Walmart for all of their needs, despite Shopko’s increased quality and stock. As a result, Walmart sells out of their weekly shipment of 10 or so Wiis in under 30 minutes. Shopko sold out in around 3 days. I picked up the last one they had in stock today.

Still getting used to some stuff in Ubuntu, working with all sorts of commandline operations (I really love working in the terminal, something that is left out in Windows for the most part). I’ve jacked up some things a few times, and I need to figure out how to get some things to work with my hardware, but other than that, pretty smooth sailing.

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