In light of

I urge all of you to head over to The Few No More’s download page and download music. Legally. You don’t even have to pay for it. Don’t even listen to it if you don’t want to, just download it.

Seriously! From the article:

Create a new crime of life imprisonment for using pirated software. Anyone using counterfeit products who “recklessly causes or attempts to cause death” can be imprisoned for life. During a conference call, Justice Department officials gave the example of a hospital using pirated software instead of paying for it.


I refuse. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read, and I hope it does not pass at all. A unanimous No vote would be perfect, but with all of congress and senate in the MPAA/RIAA’s pocket, there’s no way that will happen.

This inspires me to be creative, or something. Make music! Make music FREE!

Live free!

Open the records

May 15, 2007

And they walk a thousand miles south
And they wear our gags upon their mouths
Yet they will rise, with dignity and grace
Open the records, shine a light in secret places
Anmd finally the world will see Guatemala
Behold the marks upon her Mayan daughters

Seed the earth between the anvil and the hammer
The generals and the wealthy flew the same bloody banner
You offered them as martyrs but that was not your right
God’s instruments of change sometimes walk beneath our sight
Indeed to take up violence can be the worst of votes
But before you criticize spend the night inside their booths

On him they spent their rage yet never did he speak
No safe house was given up, a dam that would not leak.
He held your filthy torrents till you finally put him down
Her love let loose the waters but it’s you who will be drowned
You will never understand how the truth can pass through bars
It flies aboe the night and writes the names upon the stars

100 cigarette burns like maps upon her back
Led home to Washington by the strings of the attack
Look into her eyes the crazy isn’t there
It’s in the embassies and palaces filling every chair
This northern land is ours, for us judgement starts here
If indeed we fed the death sqauds our repentance should be dear

Masters Mine look to the south
Open your ears and close your mouth
We turn the river and thank our gods
They fight the thirst against all odds
No more, no more the cry comes drifting back
Are grey skies growing lighter or will they fade to black?