Turtle, Turtle

May 28, 2007

I have a new pet painted turtle, which Jill and I have named Lando. I think the name might be a bit off, however, seeing as (with my finite turtle sex differentiating knowledge) Lando is a female turtle.

Jill’s mom saw Lando walking around and Jill and I adopted him/her. Wild caught turtles are typically regarded as being very difficult to raise, as they are finnicky eaters, and must have proper lighting and heating. But, for the majority of my childhood in Texas, I recall having raised two wild painter turtles (one named Myrtle, and I think the other one was named Myrtle as well).

It’s pretty nice having an aquarium/terrarium back up again. I’ll get fish in there soon (some feeder guppies, really) but first I have to upgrade my lighting and heating system. Custom filtration, ftw!

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