June 1, 2007

I am doomed to live this summer covered in mosquito bites. Just as the ones from this past weekend were getting fully healed up, I went out to the garage in Dollar Bay, and got eaten up by hordes of mosquitoes and black flies as I pulled some tires off old Neons (why a man would race a Neon in the bomber division is beyond me).

Reasons I am not sleeping: sugar intake high, muscle activity low. Internet. Watching Lando as s/he chases the feeder guppies. Researching turtles so Lando can live nice and healthy. Looking up ways to repair my sluggish moped. Going over the new Flock website and the documentation on it (zounds is it better than the current stuff!). Redoing aquarium rocks. Going over economic decision analysis book to learn what I did right and wrong on my exam (hoping for a good grade here…). Putting down a funkyawesome beat in Hydrogen. Messing up some stuff I installed earlier. Studying LOLCode (yes!). Traveling down for all my late night humorous cat needs! Reorganizing HDD. Killing the giant spiders that roam the house. Clearing out my inbox. Sanding down the butt-end of my fly-rod so I can get to fixing it this weekend. Making a CO2 reactor for aquarium. Cooking foodstuffs. Eating foodstuffs. Blogging about cooking and eating foodstuffs. Ordering free Irwin utility blades. Getting rent emails out.

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