June 3, 2007

It is always so beautiful in the wee early morning here in Houghton. There is a lovely dense fog that spreads the light in a fantastical, magical way, and the birds are all outside chirping, laughing at us humans as we stretch our legs in our beds while they soar above us in the sky.

Sadly, I am never waking to this, only retiring to my inflatable mattress of comfort and (for now, I suppose) solitude as this splendorous display unveils itself.

A turtle, as it turns out, can sleep underwater without drowning, though I did not know this. As a result, and from my other readings on turtles, I assumed that since it was at the bottom of the tank, seemingly lifeless, it was drowned (which is not an uncommon for young turtles, as Lando is). I kinda panicked, and started performing (essentially) turtle CPR (not kidding, [not mouth to mouth]). Lando gave no indication that he was actually alive until I sat him on my leg, convinced that he was now deceased. It was actually a very sad event for me. Lando is something Jill and I share as a bond, which is why I take to heart his care and health. As I was considering what to do, Lando started crawling slowly towards me, which raised my spirits enough to go to bed and sleep, hopefully to find him, as well as the other aquarium occupants, in better health when I wake.

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