Icthologist Blues

June 5, 2007

Out of the frying pan…

Fish have ich. Basically a little parasite that looks like a white spot on the fins and body. Cure: raise water temperature to 87 degrees F OR (not and) medicate with essentially a salt treatment)

I am totally ready to get my aquarium normal and filled with plants that will help keep the water quality normalized. This fish-constantly-suffering-from-this-that-and-the-other-thing thing is getting old quick. I hope there is an extra aquarium hidden back home when I visit, because I think a quarantine tank is looking mighty attractive right now.

Steps to make aquarium healthy for good:

  • Plants. Plants are miracles. Not only do they increase oxygen levels, but they also filter out quite a bit of chemical compounds that are harmful to fish.
  • Heat up the water. Kinda a no-brainer for keeping tropical fish, but, I don’t have my heater here. It can prevent and kill ich.
  • Increase plant growth until plants are sustaining herbivorous fish and are renewing growth at the same rate as they are being eaten. Can be done with CO2 reactor.
  • NO NEW FISH FOR A MONTH. If it dies, it dies. If it lives, hooray. Reduce the bioload in the tank.

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