June 5, 2007

Things I am excited about:

  • Learning all about keeping Oscars
  • Feeding our new Oscar, named Charlie (possibly, name hasnt stuck yet)
  • Getting full in the swing of batting out support email again. Goal is to get back to the 48/72 hour response time Mike set for me earlier, with an ultimate goal of clearing the queue entirely (all 600 messages or so, of which, who knows how many are spam, or have been responded to already)
  • Going home on Thursday. I finally get to see my family for the first time since Easter, and I’ll be leaving after class on Thursday.
  • Jill has a friend coming over. Typically, it wouldn’t be newsworthy, but Jill and Felicia are going to be hanging out for the weekend, which means Jill has someone other than family to hang out with; always good. Plus, the two of them are awesome chicks, wouldn’t want to get in a fight with them.
  • Heading out to Hungarian Falls tomorrow to go fishing and hiking. Also, campfire cooking (presuming fire safety level is alright)

Things I am not excited about:

  • Class. With the exception of the Copper Country class.
  • Driving through Wisconsin. Good sweet Donkey Kong, you guys have boring roads. I can drive the UP just fine, because it is so lush and natural, so scenic. But Wisconsin? Just a bunch of farms and straight roads. Green Bay isn’t even exciting to drive through.
  • Driving through Chicagoland. What in the name of Sam Beam’s beard is going on with you folks? Seriously? I get driving aggressively, and I can do it to save my skin, but I have no clue how between the truck traffic and the constant, everslow construction (that has literally been going on since I moved there about three years ago), more people aren’t killed.
  • Exams. One in each of my three classes within a week. Oh, and there are projects and papers due as well.
  • Hassling with rent. I have my rent all set and ready. We have 5/7 checks ready to go, but they are due Friday, and we are all leaving on Thursday for home (Lew and Jess have stuff they have to do). I don’t want to have to fool around with emails and phone calls for a day just to settle things up. But I think it is going to happen regardless.

Totally time for bed, as well as grabbing a few more blankets. It’s been cold at night lately.

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