June 6, 2007

Diet for today:

Lunch: Piece of bread with some lunchmeat on it. Glass of water. To go.
Dinner: 3 pieces of pizza. Nibble of catfish fillet (that I caught earlier in the day). Glass of milk.
Snack: Ravioli. Glass of milk.

Now, this diet is interesting for me. That “lunch” meal is something I typically have been skipping. I’ve weaned myself down to a one meal day, and dropped that meal to something fairly small (a bit of Tso’s chicken, some stir fry,a burger, or maybe a steak. The portion of the dish is typically decent, but not generous). Consequently, though my diet is generally comprised of “unhealthy” food, I am maintaining my weight and actually dropping a pound or so every so often.

Pretty sure this is unhealthy, in some sense, but I am just trying to eat less in general. So far so good. Or bad. Not sure.

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