June 6, 2007

My last blog post before I chow down on some alka-seltzer (or some such medicine) and get some sleep.

The following are questions about the Keweenaw Peninsula, aka the Copper Country. On my exam tomorrow morning, I must answer five of the six chosen questions. The good thing is, I know the answers (facts, supports, etc, not really a given answer per se) to the questions.

1.   What actions did the federal government undertake, from 1820 onward, that helped   launch and then later supported settlement and the planting of a copper mining industry on the Keweenaw? In how many ways did the government help out? 

2.    How did local mining companies help speed up the transition of the Lake Superior wilderness into a settled, industrial society? 

3.    Briefly discuss how the transportation revolution and the developing market economy affected the lives of pioneer settlers on Lake Superior. 

4.   Define “frontier,” as both a place and a state of mind. Approximately how long did the frontier era last on the Keweenaw?  (Give a date or span of years.)  Was the frontier era a short one, or long?  Why did it either end early or carry on so long? 

5.  How did company housing on the Keweenaw change over time, and how did it reflect the social hierarchy found at the mine locations? 

6.  Explain how and why company paternalism was “inherently discriminatory.” 

7.  In terms of who and what was there, what was the difference between a “mine camp,” a “mine location,” and a “commercial village”?  

8.  Provide the needed evidence to document that the following statement is true: “The Lake Superior copper mines were carried on the backs of steam engines and immigrant laborers.” 

9.  In terms of the Americanization of workers, did local schools and local churches have the same roles when it came to maintaining old traditions or creating new ones? 

10.  Explain how the natural environment on the Keweenaw was a two-sided world, one of wonder and beauty, and yet one of ominous threats and hazards. 

11.  Write a description of the region’s geology, and discuss the major types of copper deposits found here. 

12.  What factors/events stimulated the mine rush to the Keweenaw in the 1840s?

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