Week Ahead

June 11, 2007

Things to do for me this week:

  • Read through all of the flock 0.9 Testing emails. (expecting 2-5 hours on reading alone)
  • Respond to said emails
  • Help Didur get up to speed with Flock
  • Flock work in general
  • Order new brake rotors and pads
  • Write Economic Decision Analysis paper
  • Get landlord to haul the stuff in the garage to the dump
  • Clean up room. Dead serious. In fact, I may do this right now. After being in my clean bedroom in Naperville, this one is odd.
  • Go fishing
  • Design and put together an awesome, effective co2 system for my aquarium
  • Play some videogames. I haven’t played anything other than Wii Sports lately (I love it, but I need to do some other things as well). It’s been a month since I’ve gotten on GW, and I need to get back in to the swing of all the roles I fill there. Also, beat Pokemon Fire Red. Aww yeah!
  • Study.

So, priority is basically:

  1. Schoolwork
  2. Flockwork
  3. Carwork
  4. Housework
  5. Aquariumwork
  6. Gamework

Which reminds me, I have homework due tomorrow. Crap.

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