FSF and why I dislike them

June 14, 2007

I am all for open source. Ask folks around me in IME, I am always trying to get them to switch to some FOSS this or that, and I’m always pushing for these new technologies. So, you would think I would be FOR the Free Software Foundation, right?

Dead wrong.

The FSF is a bunch of blithering flatheads who simply don’t get the idea of open source community. They claim to represent us all, but then go off and create massive anti-Vista smear campaigns, crucifies Novell because of their deal with Microsoft, and tries to almost underhandedly force MS products to become open source (see GPLv3). No wonder Microsoft spreads anti-Linux FUD: the supposed frontmen of the open source world have nothing but spite for Microsoft.

And I know I am generalizing here, but the public voice of the FSF does need to change. The FOSS community should be viewed as inclusive, about choice and freedom. However, it seems like the majority of the FOSS world just wants to see Microsoft’s downfall, which seems so very uncharacteristic.

(I am for GNU, the GPL, Richard Stallman (and his XKCD katana) and the majority of the FSF’s work. I just hate the public image of the FSF)

As some folks have said, the FSF is the PETA of the FOSS community. Their heart is in the right place, but their heads are somewhere else.

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One Response to “FSF and why I dislike them”

  1. Ogre Says:


    I know some people who feel the same way. 🙂

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