…Go to sleep now, you little fool.

I woke up today. Well. No, I honestly did not wake up today.

Here’s what happened. More and more frequently now, I have been having fully lucid dreams (that is to say, I am an active participant in my dreams, I do not simply watch what goes on). Lucid dreaming prevents me from getting a good, restorative sleep. That sucks enough as is, but today my body took it one step further.

In my lucid dream, Jill and I were at home with my family in Naperville, but something wasn’t quite right. The house we were in was not the same house my family actually owns (and is currently selling, if you’re in the market 😉 ). There were blue and red crayon markings all over the wall, and my little sisters were as they were in the 1st grade. Jill and I had to leave to take her home to Midland, so we get in the car and start to drive. The drive somehow ended up going through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which seemed oddly correct.

At this point, I try to wake up in real life. My body is alert to my minds wishes. My eyes open and…

Nothing. Nothing save for everything. The only thing I can see is my dream. I cannot wake up from this. I am still in the car with Jill.

Does my mind deceive me so openly?

I try to close my eyes and open them again. Same result.

This is getting scary, what should I do?

At this point, I decide that my body cannot allow me to wake up at this moment, or somehow my mind will end up shocked. This is based purely on movie/TV logic, and I don’t know if it is an acceptable theory or not; I honestly have not researched this at all. I lay back and nap, essentially, for about 25 minutes. When I open my eyes, I am still in my dream. Only this time, we have arrived at Jill’s house and are in her room. But, without much reason or rhyme, her room is different, but at the same time very familiar. I realize that we are in my room in the house here in Houghton, but with some of her things in it. The dream continues, and Jill and her belongings fade away as ghosts, merely specters of my consciousness. Finally, I am awake and capable of beginning my day.

This has happened to me several times before, though I just remember the specifics of this one, and of the time I was seven years old, and had an extremely high fever. That time the dream was not as pleasant, and was a combination of a recurring dream I have not had since I was 16, and various nightmares I was having during that point in my life (it seems as though all my nightmares were recurring, though that could be because the recurring dreams and nightmares are the only ones I remember). I am sure that the fever was the cause of that episode, but the other episodes do not share the same symptoms. I did not have a fever this morning, nor have I been sick in any other way in the recent past.

I think the stress of having only two more weeks of this track’s classes is getting to me. Man, I need to pass.

Currently: Finishing this blog post as I redo my 10 gallon aquarium. Listening to the birds waking up and the overnight truckers hauling their loads out on US41. Wishing I could get some good plants that were full leafed and green that I could place in my tank.

Later Today: Working on Flock schnat all day. Feel free to drop by at either the house or the #flock channel on irc.flock.com Parade for Bridgefest kicks off at 7pm, then back to finish up work, then out to the Dog for a beer or two with Nate, then back to either Flock work or aquarium work

Tomorrow: Either going down to Iron Mountain to see Bill Bertolli’s class launch rockets (I’m talking 14 footers! Huge rockets! You-need-an-FAA-clearance-to-launch-these-beasts kind of rockets!) or hanging out in town and taking in Bridgefest and the Seafood Festival on the beach and shore.

Sunday: Study like mad. Economic Decision Analysis exam on Monday, getting a cheat sheet ready for the class. Reading assignments, and some other homework. Then, given time, Flock work.

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