Lew and Lackey’s Top Ten: Episode 1

June 17, 2007

Shownotes for the first real show:

  • Jaiku makes it easy to collect all of your feeds and is pretty capable for microblogging
  • Jott is a wonderful tool for recording messages from your cell phone and saving them online
  • Egorcast takes the aforementioned two sites and merges them together, and works with Twitter and WordPress too!
  • Hack-a-Day has a ridiculous video of three guys cracking a voting machine and changing the ROM
  • Wikia for all your wiki needs
  • Bridgefest is going on in Houghton and Hancock
  • Webtender: crappy web design, great selection of drink recipes
  • Lew has better things to do than record a podcast, like talk to someone on the phone, so he leaves at this point
  • PlantedTank is great for aspiring aquascapers
  • Finally, Last.fm is sweet. Check out Lackey and Lew on last.fm and sign up!

We’ve got a linkdump up at http://del.icio.us/lewandlackey so feel free to browse it.

Show link will be here later tonight:

Ep. 0: Things You Should Know
Ep. 1: Phone Calls

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