This week the trend

June 17, 2007

Tomorrow WILL suck. Until about 3:30. Then, I am going to forget the entire day. Stupid Economic Decision Analysis exam.

It’s not hard stuff, I just am not enthused about it at all. Somehow, that makes me worse at it. I wish it was something I am passionate about instead.

This week the trend: is going out to local lakes to pick up more plants for the aquarium. Looking especially for vallis and hairgrass. There are a few plants that I am not sure of their name, but it would be neat if I could find them (know what they look like). And If I can get a nice bundle of anachris, I would be a happy dude.

Basically, it costs money to get aquarium plants shipped here (at least 15 bucks). However, with a bucket and a trowel, and approximately 0.1 gallons of gas, I can get out to a local pond, river, lake or stream and get some native plants for essentially free.

Which reminds me, I have no gas in my car. Time to ante up.

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