June 20, 2007

Plan A: Get homework and paper done for class
Plan B: Get back to Flock work. For some reason, I had the support tool open, and I just stared at it for an hour today, seemingly unsure of what I was doing. I couldn’t snap my brain out of it. Suppose I’m a bit fried from personal battles I’m fighting elsewhere
Plan C: Remove desk from bedroom, go with a much more open room layout. Thinking that this will go down in the next three minutes. All I will have in my room is a bed, a dresser, and some miscellaneous tons of stuff. But said tons of stuff will be in boxes and out of the way. NOISE ROCK ON CAUSE I AIN”T HAVE ENOUGH!

Observations from tonight

  • Wii Golf rocks. Need to get Tiger Tiger Woods! That might be a anniversary-ish type deal though.
  • ATI+Beryl+Ubuntu=no graphics card. Sad. Trying to decide whether graphics acceleration or fancy desktop effects is more important. Leaning towards the former.
  • I ROCKED! The Economic Decision Analysis exam I was fearing the grade on was completely owned by ME! Something like third highest in the class, so not the best, but it is a complete 180 on the first exam. I thought I did bad because it seemed so easy that I was missing something or other. Turns out, I was just extremely prepared, which is odd for the class. I honestly believe that just studying the book and not the lecture notes helped.
  • about:config is absolutely your friend. Learn to search it first for the preference you want to see added in Flock/Firefox. About 40% of the things people request can be added quickly using userChrome.css or about:config entries. Case in point: Backspace typically goes back one website in Firefox/Flock for Windows/Mac, but Linux it does not. By changing the value of the entry browser.backspace_action to 0, Linux follows the same behavior as Windows. Hoorah.
  • Podcasting is a fun way to pass the time.

So, Lew and I haven’t really edited the podcasts down for quality yet, and our hosting, be it free and all, kinda sucks (though I am thrilled with the ideals behind it!). For right now, you can find the podcasts at the following locations:

Episode 0
Episode 1
Episode 1.5

Those are direct download links to the mp3’s. To check the podcast out in its own page:

Episode 0
Episode 1
Episode 1.5

To view everything going on with the podcast, check out

And if you would like the podcast in iTunes or Rhythmbox, or whatever podcast client you may use, simply add as a podcast feed manually

We may switch our hosting over to Jon Homan’s site, as he has graciously offered to do so. We’ll see how works for the next week or so and decide after a few more episodes.

Also, Lew has a blog, and is now a Flockstar. Rock!

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