Rust in the Lungs…JAZZ HANDS!

June 21, 2007

I have a fistfull of rust dust floating in my lungs and throat (and a bit in my nose) from working on the car today. Crap.

The thing with my car is, well, I have no brakes. The rotors are severely warped and the brake pads are just about dead. So, as a result, I got to replace them. First I have to get the parts, then I have to get the parts on the car. Hopefully, all this can be done by Monday night. If not, I am severely hosed.

Hoping that no extra damage was done to my car in the half a year my brakes have been horrid. With my luck though, it just might have been done.

Schedule for Thursday (in relative priority):

  • Order parts to get in either overnight or twoday. Crap, gonna cost me a ton.
  • Class and get the majority done/finish a retirement paper for EDA class (worth 25%, due Friday by 5pm)
  • Flock work
  • Eat
  • Stare at car in disbelief that the brakes are so bad. Have an Alamo beer. Say “Yup” and “Mmmmhmm” a bunch.
  • Flock work
  • Look at clock in disbelief of how early in the morning it is
  • Grab some donuts from Econo (crap, no car. This plan might not work. Although…there are bicycles…) and get back to work
  • Sleep

Schedule for Friday

  • Polish paper. Hand it in
  • Pick up parts (super hopefully)
  • Get brakes all set up and rocking (pending on previous item)
  • Flock work
  • Food and fishing? We got a new boat to go out with, so we just might have to.

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